The Denver Herd

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What is The Herd?

The Herd is the casting “brain child” of Emmy nominated voice actor/director Hal Rayle.  Since today’s technology has surpassed the norm of entertainment...the demand for multi-voiced talent has never been higher. The Herd is a company of voice actors trained to work as a team to accommodate and blend for AR, VR, Animation and Gaming. After over 30 years in Hollywood. Hal realized something was missing from the creative equation. A community of actors working together to create camaraderie and a harmonious blend of voices. A group of talent that can collaborate with game creators in helping them realize their vision.


Who we are

Hal Rayle

Head Honcho

Hal Rayle (the head honcho) is joined by (the trail bosses) Emmy nominated star of The Simpsons: Maggie Roswell, and voice dynamo Brian Cummings. Together these three head an incredible team of voice actors that work fast and furious to make your project come alive...and they have a blast doing it. A list of Credits for The Denver Herd can be found on the Demo Page.

Maggie Roswell

Trail Boss

Brian Cummings

Trail Boss

How we can help

Sometimes a company can work months or years on a project only to cast disjointed voices from different sources and then lament that the sound is not working. The Denver Herd enables those companies to have the kind of audio they need to compete in today’s marketplace.

Contact Info:

  • The Denver Herd, 9227 E. Lincoln Ave, Suite 200 - #458, Lone Tree, CO 80124

Our Facilities

The Denver Herd is your one stop multi-voice shop. Come to Colorado…enjoy our brand of new media production.  A mutual business partnership exists between The Denver Herd and Rocky Mountain Recorders. Our goals are to work in tandem to produce the highest quality voice and sound. The Denver Herd also works with AudioRnR Studios for audio recording and post-production sweetening. Let The Denver Herd serve as your one stop multi-voice shop. Come to Colorado ... and enjoy our brand of new media production.    


To contact The Denver Herd about bookings, or for other questions, please use the contact form below or contact us directly!